I am writing this literally as I am in between picking kids up and dropping kids off after having crammed something resembling lunch into my mouth. This week has been an exhausting schedule of doing this and doing that and going here and going there, with no semblance of rest on the horizon. Tomorrow promises to be just as hectic as today and sadly, the weekend is not looking much better.

This morning while I was walking out to the goat shed to feed them this was the view on the freshly fallen snow in our yard, which luckily has somewhat covered the Zamboni ice skating rink that we have called our driveway for the past few days. I went back inside and got the camera, went back across the field in the snow and took this picture. It is a peaceful scene and just looking at it makes me sit back and actually breathe. When I saw it, on my way to take care of the goats before we ran out for some before-work errands, I realized that you just have to take a minute here and there. I don’t think that I have had a chance to really sit down and relax and breathe in quite a few days.

ZenHabits has a post “How Not to Hurry”. I enjoyed reading it and I think that if you have the time, or can make the time, it’s well worth it.