As I write this, it’s a brand new month – February and what’s not to like about a month that espouses flowers and chocolate as well as presents that are shiny and that four letter word – L O V E. It’s snowing outside our window, although there is no snow in the forecast and nothing on the radar which is another indication of how unique it is here where we live…our own personal weather patterns.

February is a pretty neat month – especially this year when the Winter Olympics start this Friday (Can you tell that we are big Winter Olympics fans around the T’s house?), Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, February school vacation in addition to your Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day.

February 1, 1790 was the first day that the United States Supreme Court convened for the first time ever and it is the day that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police came into existence. (Go Dudley Doright!)

February is American Heart Month, a great excuse to wear red to support a good cause.

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