I am such a perfectionist that I get angry with myself when something doesn’t go the way I expect. I decided that I wanted to try making bagels. The recipes that I found and the comments indicated that it was so easy and I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t try it before. Everything went well at first. The dough rose, it rested, we formed balls and then bagels and they rose and then we put them downstairs to chill. A combination of rising a little too much and really frigid temperatures last night turned my beautifully risen bagels into flat wrinkly things this morning. Deflated and disgusted ( me, not the bagels) I figured that maybe through some miracle they might re-inflate and turn into real bagels. Sadly, they boiled and baked and turned out like wrinkly compact bagel resembling things. So sad. They didn’t taste bad, they just look pathetic.

That makes two things that I am determined to master Kazan Dibi and bagels. Stay tuned.