This weekend will be the first weekend since before Christmas that we don’t have anyone visiting with us. Somehow a house in Vermont and the winter with snow is like a magnet. We’re used to it so I’m not complaining. It’s just that we are so used to the flow of people, in and out of the house on a regular basis for more than a month, that when there’s one weekend -seemingly out of the blue- that we will have no out-of-state company, it seems odd. Notice that I said no “out-of-state” company. I specifically am not including the undoubted flow of children’s friends that will come to roost for all or part of the weekend. One of my oldest son’s friends who goes to school out of state is coming home for a birthday weekend and while the plans are to be at his house, plans change and well, you never know. Another child’s friend is the only boy and he finds the company of compatriots in our house entertaining.

The stoppage of company flow also doesn’t mean that it will be a quiet weekend. Oh, no my friend. Tonight there are guitar lessons, tomorrow more of the same and then Odyssey and then skiing with scouts. Then there is all the regular stuff – church, homework, chores. While absent company, certainly not lacking things to do.