With all of the things that the legislative branch of our government can do with its time and energy, with all of the worthy causes and important issues they can choose to legislate on and about, they chose this one. It is truly baffling to me. WCAX reports that Vermont State Senator Virginia Lyons introduced a bill to ban school districts from starting the school year before Labor Day. Her reasoning is that early starts to the school year interfere with families’ vacations and student’s employment and interferes with employers’ labor force (ie-student employees, I am guessing). Maybe that is the real force behind the bill, rather than the concern for families to be able to vacation together. Really, seriously? We start school here in our school district about a week before Labor Day and so they have done for years, it is my understanding. Anyone’s children that are involved in school fall sports are already unable to take vacations during this pre-season time anyway even if the school year was moved back to Labor Day. Is it really necessary to expend our legislative time and money on this issue? I think not.