The wind, the pouring rain and the heavy winds wreaked havoc on the snow here yesterday. Winter is a mere shell of itself here this morning. Snowmobile trails go into green grass like paths to nowhere. I dread going out and seeing what’s left of my cross country ski trails. Probably not much. I am sure that down in town and in Rutland, there is little, if any, remnants of the snow. If things have taken their toll here with such great gusto, I doubt that the lower elevations fared any better.

The good news, and there is always good news, is that the forecast for the entire rest of the week is snow – in one form or other. Snow flurries, snow showers (which for us can mean several inches of snow) and plain old snow.

The January thaw has run its course, the temperatures are back below freezing and dropping more and more each day the remainder of the week. Winter is coming back.