Traditionally a January thaw takes place here in Vermont around the third week in January and usually between the dates of January 23-25th. This is usually noted quite often because it happens right alongside some of the coldest days of the winter. No one knows why it happens and it is commonly referred to as weather lore.  Statistically, this time in January records the minimum winter temperatures for the entire winter season. January thaws usually follow an extremely cold snap of weather. No one really knows why it happens when it does, although much research has been done on various theories. Some have attempted to tie the January thaw with various events, such as meteor showers, sun spots, tides, tornados, etc. To date, it appears that no one has come up with any answers.

Today, there is snow on the ground and it is in the 20s. By tonight we will have heavy rains and wind through tomorrow night with temperatures close to 50. Crazy. So much for the cross country skiing for a while. I do hope that the snow doesn’t all disappear though, since winter without snow seems pretty pointless … and rather ugly.

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