The weekend was long, the fun was substantial, the friendship was eternal. That just about sums up our weekend. We did a lot of relaxing and laughing and catching up, mostly over food. Saturday afternoon, we headed out to the Long Trail Brewery Pub. located in Bridgewater Commons, VT. While it is not far from us, it is not a place we think of going unless there’s company. One of our friends suggested going there for lunch and the group readily agreed. Their food is quite good, especially their burgers and wings, most notably the Yaki wings. If you are in the area and have the opportunity, I would definitely suggest it for lunch. I would however, try to avoid holiday weekends, it’s usually busy, busy, busy. During the summertime, it is located on the Ottauquechee River and there is an outdoor deck for dining during the summer months. We just hung around on the deck in the beautiful winter weather.

The kids went skiing at Pico Mountain. The weather was beautiful and of course what would the weekend be without cake. Birthday cake, since what’s a birthday party without cake.

Tyler made the cake for the guys and it turned out pretty darn nice.

All in all, it was a good weekend. Good times, good friends. Thankful for both.

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