First of all, I got a call last night from our college alumni fund. Tom and I went to the same college so that makes it much easier for the people looking to obtain money on its behalf to reel us in. The man on the other end of the phone, whom I did not know, made  me feel incredibly old. He deftly reminded me that this year, we will have been out of school for 25 years. 25 years! When did this happen? College days seem like only yesterday and college friends are some of our dearest. Arghhhh.

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Which bring me to the second topic of this post, a couple of guys I know. These guys met, well I guess, now that the college guy had to remind me (trust me, I’m going to remember you, college alumni guy) more than 25 years ago in college. They became fast friends. So, you may ask, what’s the big deal about that? There are lots of college buddies around (some, even as old as you guys).

These guys it turns out are the same age, (again, big whoopie, you might say) but the really cool thing is that they are also born on the exact same day. Twins separated at birth, they joke. If you met them, you would be most likely to agree.

Our families have grown up together through the (again, thanks college guy) 25 plus years that they have known each other. Our boys and their girls are as close as siblings, refer to each other as cousins and are pretty tight (well as tight as teenagers living hundreds of miles apart) can be. We have shared vacations, birthdays, and a whole lot of very fun times together.

Every year, the guys try to celebrate their birthdays together, although for a variety of reasons it may not always work out. Not as a guy-only thing, because that’s not really either of their styles. Rather as a family-type thing. Very convenient that their birthday is also a holiday weekend, which has been nicknamed (argh-getting tired of remembering this, college guy) many years ago, the “I have a dream” weekend since it falls on MLK weekend. Sometimes, they are fortunate enough to actually have banks and post offices as well as all federal and state office buildings close just to celebrate their birthday, I mean, if you met these guys, you would definitely understand why everyone is so enthralled with them. They do however have to occasionally let these people work so that doesn’t happen every year but when it does, people from all over just LOVE them to death. I love one of them all the time, so much so that I married him.

This weekend is the “I have a dream” weekend. Today is their birthday. This weekend we will celebrate together as we have done many times before and hopefully for many years to come.

Happy Birthday, Tom and Lou!