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The Yaz/Yasmin litigation has been consolidated into one court, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois. A pre-trial conference will take place on January 21, 2010. It is anticipated that Chief Judge David Herndon will proceed with several bellwether trials in this matter. Bellwether trials are advisory only trials in which the jury’s decision does not bind the parties but is used to help the parties see how the case will fair before a jury and ultimately assist in placing a settlement value on the case.

The number of lawsuits which may be ultimately included in the multi-district litigation is anticipated at approximately 25,000. This is reported to make the Yaz litigation the largest multi-district litigation assigned to this District Court.

A large number of women who have taken Yaz or Yasmin, both manufactured by Bayer allege that the contraceptive pills which contain dropspirenone have caused a various of illnesses, strokes and even death. Women allege in their litigation that Bayer failed to properly warn consumers of the dangers involved.

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