That’s what I got by mistake at dinner. On Tuesday, our anniversary dinner turned into a bit of a dinner party since a college friend showed up and we then had our neighbors join us as well. We went to Sam’s Steakhouse in Ludlow, VT. I ordered a petite filet mignon and was looking so forward to it. When everyone else was served, the waiter politely advised me that he had erred on my order and he had put in an order for prime rib instead. I could wait for mine to be cooked or take the prime rib and he would adjust the bill accordingly. I thought that I had agreed to wait, but evidently I agreed to take the prime rib instead since it magically appeared a few minutes later with the waiter. It was the largest chunk of meat I have ever seen on a plate intended for one person. Seriously, I could feed my entire family of five on it (and as you will see, so I did). It was about 6 inches across and seriously like 3 inches thick. I sliced off a few pieces but honestly, it just was too overwhelming for me. It was doggy-bagged (and wouldn’t the dog so love to have this 1/2 cow for dinner?) and brought home. I used it to make prime rib soup since that is what we do with our leftover rib roast from Christmas dinner. This hunk of meat was almost as much as what I did the soup with after Christmas so I thought, why not?

It’s a simple recipe, borne of my hatred of wasting food and my family’s hatred of leftover beef in its roast state.

Prime Rib Soup

1. Brown meat in dutch oven. I used my hunk of meat and one sirloin steak (I know, I know, but we are not steak eaters and it comes when you order 1/2 cow) Normally, I would use the rib roast with its bones.

2. Add one chopped onion or two chopped shallots.

3. Deglaze the pan with 1/4 c. red wine.

4. Add 12 cups of water. Add salt and pepper.

5. Allow soup to simmer for at least 1 1/2 hours. (I find the longer the better)

6. Remove meat and cut into bite size pieces. Remove bones if you used a piece of meat with bones.

7. Add two cups of jasmine rice. Let simmer until rice is fully cooked.

8. Serve and enjoy.