It’s been a tough week for me. Hard to readjust to the normal crazy schedule that is our life. Too boot, my eyes have been making me nuts. I had an eye doctor’s appointment yesterday and the only thing that could make that any worse is waking up with some type of sinus headache thing where my one eye and that side of my head was really hurting. Add to that the blinding lights that they shine in your eyes for the examination and, well, yesterday was not at all fun.

The upside is hopefully the new glasses will make my eyes not hurt so much all the time and especially when I am typing. They have hit that 40-ish focal difficulty stage and my distance glasses when I use my laptop are right on the edge. I can’t use the computer without them and the end result is usually red eyes, eye strain and a headache. We’ll see what the new glasses do. I am hoping for something good.

Deciding to get progressive (is that the pc way of saying bifocal these days) lens is supposed to help since I don’t need reading glasses but do need help with taking up the slack on focusing between the two. In any event, I feel OLD. I had the option of doing the mono vision contacts (since the eye doctor told me that progressive contacts really don’t work as well) or using reading glasses with contacts (which just seemed plain old dumb since it made the idea of going back to contacts to solve the problem not a solution at all) but the idea of having one contact for distance and one for close up (or in my case, none at all for close up) seemed, well, like it was much safer for everyone around me including those poor other drivers on the road if I didn’t go with that option. Imagine that distance contact going out of focus while I’m driving 60 miles per hour on the highway (me, who can’t see to find my glasses when I take them off) …. and well, you get the idea of exactly how dangerous that could be.

So, we’ll give this a shot and see when they come in, exactly how they are……………….