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Since last Wednesday (mind you this is less than one week), I have baked 12 loaves of bread, and 48 cinnamon rolls plus unmentioned amounts of cookies. Last night I baked one loaf of bread for dinner and it was gone in a flash. Tonight, I baked two loaves and there is barely any left.  I figure that should be up to at least four or five loaves of bread a day by New Year’s the way this crowd is eating and the adults haven’t even shown up yet. Plus I haven’t even had a chance to christen my new pizza stone or loaf baker. Maybe a bakery is in my future?

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Photo: NASA website

New Year’s Eve here will literally be once in a blue moon. The partial lunar eclipse will cause a ‘blue moon” to occur on New Year’s Eve. “Blue moon” is actually a misnomer since the moon will not be blue, so do not look for any blue to be showing on New Year’s Eve. It is actually the second full moon in any calendar month. This occurs but does not do so often. Normally there is a new moon every 29.5 days. Sometimes, like in the month of December, we are actually lucky enough to have two full moons. What makes this so special is that the last time a full moon occurred twice in one month was back in May 2007. The last time that it occurred on a New Year’s Eve was 1990. The next time it will occur will be 2028. The history of the term “blue moon” is explained on NASA’s website.

So, should you be fortunate enough (weather permitting – us in New England are scheduled for a Nor’Easter) to see the moon and stars on your New Year’s Eve and maybe receive your New Year’s kiss underneath that moon, consider yourself fortunate, it only happens once in a blue moon.

For those of you who have been burning with desire to know, here is what it looks like outside our window in the dead of night. This is a picture of the Christmas cactus as we affectionately call our little maple tree in lights. Looking more like a cactus, although there are those among us that swear it looks like the Christmas Chicken from a certain angle, the little maple glows in the LED lights against the snow.

Out the front, here’s a view of the porch and its lights. Very peaceful, very quiet. We are expecting wind chills today of -25. Nice day to spend indoors. And don’t ask why I’m taking pictures at 4 a.m. – that’s just another post all together.

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