Sometimes I feel exhausted. Exhausted motivating children. We got our tree yesterday and last night they were supposed to clear the area where the tree goes in front of the sliding glass doors, cover over the radiator vent with foil and put the flowers by the door across the room so we could set up the tree. Tom and I went out for a couple hours and came home to find that no one did anything. Everything was just as we left it. So, the plan was that today after school they were to do this so we could set up the tree. They started to move stuff, but there are more questions and exasperated comments than actual work being done so much so that it became a job for me to get them to accomplish tasks and move onto the next.

The tree is now sitting in a stand bare. Middle child believes that more branches need to be cut from the bottom, oldest son couldn’t give a darn either way and youngest and husband are among the missing having left almost two hours ago to go the transfer station and pick up a new bathroom faucet. Husband has failed to unforward his cell phone so middle child cannot ask him the pressing question that will move this thing along.

Me, I have just about given up on the whole concept. I really despise being the cheerleader for the family. I mean, it’s their Christmas too, right? So, I will lean back, bake some bread for dinner and chill out. Maybe wrap some gifts, maybe knit, wait until someone else notices that this thing needs to be finished. I may still be sitting here December 26th. We’ll see.