Today is my friend Cassie’s cookie exchange. I don’t recall exactly but I would fathom a guess that we have been doing this for about 6 or so years. A small group of friends gather at her house to exchange the cookies that we’ve baked.

What will I be baking, you ask? Well, I have already made the batter for Chocolate Crinkles which is chilling. I will also be baking a mega ultra batch of chocolate chip cookies, enough to fill our cookie jar here and 3 dozen or so to share.

The boys like lace cookies but they often crumble on me and the end result is a lot of work for a little batch of actually shareable cookies, but I will most likely give it the ol’ college try since that’s a favorite around here and the crumbled parts still taste just as good.

Depending upon how the day goes, I may try another recipe. Not sure which one. There is a chocolate chip shortbread cookie that looks pretty good and an icebox cookie that is also calling to me.

I will try to take pictures and post the recipes for those that I do so this deliciousness can be shared.

Turn up the holiday music, it’s cookie baking day!