Yesterday we took two cars and 8 kids to Albany for the day to see a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert. The kids ranged in age from my youngest 12 to 15. A couple had been to a concert before, most hadn’t, including my own boys. Tom and I hadn’t been to a concert in a while and even though the weather didn’t sound like it was going to be in our favor, we were looking forward to it.

After seeing the concert which lasted 2 1/2 hours (and Tom thought that they were joking when they said they were at the half-way point) I can understand why the comments of so many people when reading about TSO were that it just wouldn’t be Christmas without seeing them. The first half of the concert was the Christmas portion and if it didn’t put you into a rocking holiday mood, then you must be dead. The second half was the non-holiday portion, just as entertaining to us, but the kids liked it more, since it was more of the “rock and roll” portion of the show. Either way, you sat there amazed. There were lasers, flash pots, an amazing light show, snow, fireworks, flames and musicians playing about 25 feet in the air on a lifting stage. Oh, and don’t forget the dry ice and smoke, which creeped across the stage on a fairly regular basis throughout the entire performance. For the kids, who had never seen a concert, aside from a Pink Floyd show, I don’t think that they will be as amazed at another show. Asked what he thought upon exiting the performance, my oldest son summed it up in one word “Epic”. Yes, it definitely was. Throw that together with a teenager’s favorite thing in mass – the mall and they were a happy bunch.

Luckily, the weather wasn’t as bad as it was supposed to be and although around Albany was slippery, we didn’t hit slippery roads again until we were in our own town, dropping everyone off for the night. For having 8 kids along all day I have to say it wasn’t bad, in my head it could have been so much worse. Everyone was well behaved, and seemed to have a great time.  A long day, but a good day and an epic concert. It was all good.