We are heading out this weekend to see The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. No, I am not being opinionated or egotistical, that’s the name of the play put on by the Rutland Youth Theater. Several of Tim’s friends from school are in it, he is not. That’s a long story but basically it’s due to the difference between boys and girls at this age of 12. Girls are aware of their surroundings and other people and notice big huge posters hanging up all around the school announcing auditions for said play. Boys, on the other hand, well they are not so aware, unless it’s got guns or dragons or a video game controller attached to it which evidently the posters for auditions did not have. Therefore, the girls are in the play and Tim is not. In any event, I am sure that we will have a great time, since the Paramount Theater is a great old theater and a fun place to spend a snowy evening. Plus we get dinner out, a nice treat.