Today, we took advantage of the snow day to stay in, enjoy each other (really no yelling or fighting – how did the boys manage that?) bake and decorate. Oh, there was the shoveling and digging out stuck neighbors, but then again, that goes with just about every storm here in VT that’s nothing new. Tom and I are always amazed to watch the boys since they are usually the ones to take over the decorating once I convince them to drag everything out and that it really is fun. They are meticulous in putting things exactly where they were last year and the year before that. I guess that is what “tradition” is really all about, feeling comfortable with the way things are and making sure that they are that way in the ensuing years. Anyway, our boys are funny to watch. Bickering about who’s stocking goes in what order and where exactly the nutcrackers are supposed to be set up. When we put the Christmas tree up next week, then the village goes with it and that is just a dad and boys thing where I love to sit back and listen.

There are a few precious decorations that we are privileged to have in our house. Here is a picture of one of everyone’s favorites. It is a sleigh and reindeer coming from Tom’s grandfather.

Every year great care is given when the tote containing this treasure is unpacked. Although the leather straps are so dried out they are barely holding on and the heads no longer bob automatically, it is probably the best decoration we have.