We received a call at 5:30 this morning from the automated alert system in the school district advising us that the entire district was closed down this morning for a snow day. The first snow day of the season is always pretty exciting and by the looks of it, this is going to be a good day to be inside, prepping for Christmas and maybe doing some baking.

I remember when we were in NJ and as class mother it was one of my job duties to call all the other parents in the class to advise them when there was a snow day. The variety of responses told a lot about the people, whether they realized it or not. There were those that I could tell I had woken up and they digested the information with that sleepy glaze in their voice. There were those, who you could tell were too serious for their own good, who sounded annoyed and disgusted. And then there were my favorites, the ones who sounded so excited, so happy, still retaining the childlike amazement of a snow day. Of course, there were those that, even at 5:30 or 6 a.m. didn’t even answer their phone. I often wondered if they didn’t care enough to find out who was calling or they weren’t home. In any event, those were usually the ones that were upset when they trotted their children all the way to school in less than ideal conditions to find it closed and decided that it was their right to complain.

When we moved here, we had to prep the boys and explain to them that this wasn’t going to be like New Jersey. People in Vermont were used to snow and it was expected and normal in the winter here, so snow days wouldn’t be like in NJ where even the forecast of some snow was enough to scare them into closing the schools. Today for example, they are predicting 60 mile per hour winds and 9 inches of snow with the possibility of ice thrown in there for good measure. We will probably lose power at some point, I will be surprised if we don’t.

This is what is it looking like out our window this morning.

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