Okay, so for the rest of you out there, it’s not really a big city, like Boston or New York or San Francisco are big cities; but for us Vermonters, Burlington is the big city, both literally and figuratively. It is the largest city in the state of Vermont and the closest thing we have to a big city (shopping, restaurants, the arts, etc.). The boys made their annual trek to University of Vermont’s Engineering Merit Badge Day and we made it a family trip by going up yesterday after school and spending last night and today up there in the big city. We went to the two malls (which are a step above the mall we have around here but bear no resemblance whatsoever to the malls of New Jersey and New York – and I am sure the rest of the country) with the boys who were quite happy to trapse in and out of the various stores that they don’t get to see anymore unless we are in Burlington or in the NY metropolitan area visiting family. Tom and I got a chance to meander around Church Street and vicinity, enjoying the open air and the holiday decorations and doing mostly just window shopping with the exception of Bruegger’s Bagels and a splurge at Lake Champlain Chocolates.

While we were there we had the pleasure of listening to a TubaChristmas concert. TubaChristmas is a series of concerts performed throughout the country by groups of tuba players. It originated in 1974 as a tribute to artist and teacher William J. Bell who was born on Christmas Day.

Although I videotaped it, WordPress is not cooperating with the upload of it. If I can get it to work at a later date, I will upload the video.