My great aunt, Mary used to arrive for dinner during Thanksgiving or Christmas with the backseat of her car literally filled with pie. I smile when I think of it, a sight etched in memory, because it was always us kids that got to help her empty her car. The pies were awesome looking, all homemade of course, and tasted wonderful. Even after stuffing ourselves at dinner (I come from a part Italian family, so food- well food is courses and courses at a holiday meal) and swearing that we couldn’t eat another bite, when the pies came out – well there was always room for dessert.

Age brings reminiscing and longing for those comfort foods. Tomorrow we will have a dinner that shares many of those same foods that Tom and I ate growing up. We’ll share it with family and then later with friends, the things that holidays are made of.

It is always important to pause and remember why we are thankful. Reflection is good for the soul. This holiday, I am thankful for everyone being healthy and able to come together to share a good meal, laughter and family. I have a terrific husband and three great boys and I’m a very lucky lady.

Holidays are also a time to reflect on the people, dear to us, who are no longer seated at our table, but are with us in our hearts and memories.