Photo credit: The Pantagraph


Magical Reindeer Gem necklaces $15 each. Sounds pretty neat? Proceeds go to the Miller Park Zoo in Illinois – sounds like a good benefit.

The zoo anticipates that sale of necklaces and related ornaments might raise $16,500 if all items are sold. This will help supplement the budget deficit the zoo has had to endure in recent years.

The only problem that I see is that the necklace “gems” are really dried, painted (and sterilized) reindeer poop. The zoo has volunteers who collect the dung, dry and sterilize them and then glitter paint them and string them onto necklaces. Seriously, who buys this stuff? There is no false advertising or misleading information – consumers know full well that they are buying reindeer poop. But again, who buys this stuff? Evidently a lot of people feel the need to have dried reindeer poop hanging around. Last year, the zoo made the dung into ornaments and completely sold out. This year, the reindeer poop can be hung around your neck or hung on your tree.

I don’t dare ask what the zoo has in store for next year.