Today was a monumental day here at the T’s house, 3+ years in the making. Oldest son was scheduled to get his braces removed today. He was more than ready, since he had seen his brothers and many friends in and out of braces while his mouth was still “under construction”. Part of it was due to the fact that he had an an ankolose baby tooth that required surgery to remove and then more finagling with his bite to preserve the space. In a good mood, he let me snap this picture on his way into the orthodontist this morning.




And this picture when he came out from the orthodontist’s chair about 45 minutes later.

He was pretty darn happy and pretty darn committed that while I could snap the pictures, I was not allowed to take his whole face, just his teeth. 14, oh boy, the concessions we moms must make. He left the orthodontist’s office armed with two packs of (sugarless) gum and a note to go back to school. He seemed pretty happy.