P1100483My trip up to Killington this morning saved me about $2,500. Not bad for a 40 minute drive, don’t you think? Killington offers this program, called the Academic Excellence Program to Vermont school children through 12th grade. If a student receives honors for at least 2 of the 4 marking periods for the previous school year, they are entitled to a free unlimited Pico Pass. For $99 more, they are entitled to upgrade to an unlimited Killington/Pico pass. That pass, which contains no blackout dates whatsoever, is valued for their age group at $949 plus tax. Figure that times three and that’s how the roughly $2,500 savings is calculated. Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t ready to run out and buy our boys Killington passes, but they did have unlimited Pico passes for this year which we purchased at the end of last year for a great deal. The folks at Killington refunded the difference between that pass cost and the $99 upgrade fee, making a deal almost too good to resist. The boys will be thrilled, considering that it is something that they would not have been able to have if they didn’t earn it. Kudos to Killington to reward academic achievement and provide incentive to kids to do well. It is a great idea and a great incentive. My boys are already hard at work in school to make sure that they secure their passes for next winter as well. Killington, which is marketing itself as The Beast of the East this year, is certainly showing that Honors gets the Beast.