As we sat the other night in the living room, watching a movie crowded around Tom’s laptop despite the fact that we have a den with a 52 inch television just sitting in it (another post all together) we heard someone knocking. We all stopped and looked at each other and then…again — knock, knock, knock. A quick look out the front door confirmed that no one was at the front door and in fact it was apparent that the knocking was coming from a direction completely opposite to the front door. Why would anyone INSIDE be knocking? A quick scan of the room, and mom math, deduced that oldest son was missing. We called to him and no response, just another knock. Startled now that he might be sick, we both jumped up to hear a voice calling “please help me, I am locked in the bathroom”. Yes, my oldest son became victim to someone’s tweaking and someone else’s re-tweaking of the lock on our bathroom door.


After we stopped laughing, we had to figure out how to rescue our son from the bathroom. After some manipulating, we decided that it was necessary for my son to be the one to work the screwdriver to unscrew the handle completely. His brother had to go outside and hand him up a screwdriver through the bathroom window so that he could unscrew the doorknob. After about 10 minutes – 5 or so of which were spent laughing and teasing – he was free.