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I am writing this now and know that I won’t post it immediately. I cannot. The words however are here, rolling around in my head and they need to be put down on cyber “paper”. For those of you that follow the blog and know me personally, you know that I often write about the White Dog. The White Dog and I have a relationship that is love/hate or hate/hate or something in between. There are many times in frustration and anger that I might have wished she were dead or words to that effect spewed from my mouth. It was only words uttered in the heat of frustration or anger, after a can of garbage was emptied on a newly mopped floor or dinner was eaten off the table. I never really meant them and I hope that anyone would know that.

Yesterday we lost the dog that my boys knew for their entire lives. Suddenly and without warning, the most horrible type of death for survivors. Hopefully, the most peaceful for her. She was playing outside in our yard with a friend’s dog, which is considerably smaller than she was. The small dog ran under her owner’s truck and Juno, caught up in the heat of the fun, followed her. Full speed. The best we can figure is that she cleared the body of the truck and broke her neck when she slammed into the frame underneath. She died only a few minutes later in my husband’s arms. Needless to say, we all suffered a very real and very painful loss yesterday. The boys are a mess, Tom is a mess, I am a mess.

During the next couple hours, we did what we had to do. We dug a hole and we laid her to rest after saying our last goodbyes. Many tears mixed with many fond memories.  Here are some:




For all our differences, she will still hold a very special place in my heart. She was a part of our family and our lives will not be the same without her. It will be hard to be without her, since our memories are many. She had a long, full life and I’d like to think, a happy one. She was well when she died, not sick or in pain. She was playing and happy and I guess that’s the way death should be greeted if any of us have the choice. Dying doing what we love. For her, it was playing and running. She loved the snow and this morning, it was all over the ground. White dog, rest in peace.

Juno 1998-2009



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