Everything old is new again…isn’t that the way that the saying goes? We have a collection of the Calvin and Hobbes books on our bookshelf. They have been a part of our family right around the time we became a family or at least since we became a married couple. I always enjoyed the humor of  little Calvin and his all-knowing Hobbes.

One of my favorite pieces of furniture in our house is the bookcase in our living room. It is a simple, too small, crammed glass doored bookshelf. It holds memories and fantasies, love stories and breakups, horror and history all within its shelves. Nestled in there are the collection of Calvin and Hobbes books. Since we have had the boys, the books have come out many times. More often than not, a cycle will come where a boy will pull out one of the books and it will become attached to him for days, weeks even a month or two. They pour over the strips, laughing out loud to themselves, enjoying these comics, just as I did, well before they were even a desire, much less a reality.

Well, the books have made their way out of the bookshelf once again, now being enjoyed by my youngest son. He pulls the book out and sits and reads, laughing to himself and recounting for me, whenever I might be able to listen, about how funny this or that strip was and how he giggled at it.

Bill Watterson should enjoy knowing that his work, almost all of it penned well before they were even born, is entertaining a whole new generation of readers, my sons.