Photo courtesy: Motor Trend



So far, 23 states have banned texting while driving. New York State became the latest state to do so when its ban went into effect on Sunday, November 1st. There are three more states in which the ban against texting while driving will become effective on January 1st, 2010. Vermont unfortunately is not one of them. Presently, Vermont has a bill pending which would preclude use of cell phones at all while driving a motor vehicle. As presently written, this bill if it becomes law, would preclude anyone (regardless of age) from using a cell phone for any purpose (other than 911 calls) while operating a vehicle on any roadway in the state. The bill is absent an exception or provision for hands-free use, making one wonder if driving a car in Vermont will mean put that cell phone away completely. To see where your state fits into the mix, click on this NPR link to go their interactive state map.

Research shows that 93% of drivers favor a ban on texting. See Motor Trend article here. Where do you stand? Where would you stand if you were completely precluded from using your phone as a result?