The much awaited results of the Swiss study on the risks of Yaz and Yasmin has evidently been released. There is some controversy over the results of the study. Bayer is stating that the results show no difference between the risk of developing potentially fatal venous thromboembolisms associated with its two products and similar contraceptive pills. Meanwhile, other authorities are stating that the study doesn’t say exactly that, and the Bayer products are not off the hook from a liability perspective. The problem evidently stems from the fact that the results of the study are in German and translations (like your mileage) appear to vary. According to the risk associated with the so-called third generation birth control pills such as Yaz may be double those of 2nd generation birth control pills and can be affected by a woman’s weight, smoking history and genetics.

To date there have been approximately 125 court cases filed in the United States alleging injuries from Yaz and Yasmin. Advocates on behalf of these litigants were awaiting the results of the study, which was commissioned following the death of a Swiss woman after she started taking the Bayer birth control product.

Until the document is completely released in English, it appears that the actual wording of the results of the study are open to interpretation here in the United States depending upon your translation.