I have a cold that just won’t really quit. I guess that I caught it from my oldest son since he was complaining of a sore throat the week before last for the whole week. This hit me toward the end of last week and my symptoms are pretty similar to his – sore throat, coughing, stuffy head. I know that it’s not strep since there is no fever and he tested negative. I can cope except that I have been unable to sleep well. The past four nights have been sleep interrupted on a fairly regular basis by either a really sore throat, coughing, or stuffiness (or all of the above) to the point that it is better to just get up. It is starting to get on my nerves though, both literally and figuratively, since there is only so much caffeine any human can ingest in a day and actually function. I am usually good for a couple nights of little or no sleep, but this is getting old….fast.

With a to-do list for both home and work the length of an orangutan’s  arm, not feeling well enough to want to do anything, but not feeling badly enough to do absolutely nothing, really stinks. Time to pop more cough medicine and another cup of tea…..