Watch out Uncle Billy and Uncle Lou – there’a new kid on the block. This morning, out of nowhere, our oldest TJ announced his desire to make crepes. You see, my not-so-little-anymore son who is taking a course on cooking and taking French has found there is this wonderful room in our house from which all sorts of good things can come – the kitchen. Last week, he baked 100% from scratch, an angel food cake glazed in chocolate for one of his friends who was having a birthday (when I say from scratch, I mean he had to wrestle the eggs from the chickens at 8 o’clock at night since he was short a couple). This morning, he stated that he had to cook something French for French class and since he loves crepes, that was his pick. He tried to lure me into this but I steadfastly repeated that it seems to only be the men in our life that have a way with crepes and, having tried my hand at it before, had no desire to even be the lovely assistant on this one. With admonishments to make sure that the kitchen didn’t look like a bomb went off in it when he was done, he set off.

He pulled up the computer and a recipe from it and set out. While I do admit that our dog was sitting with bated breath on every flip, the kid didn’t do a bad job. His brother and his friend gobbled them up. I ventured back into the kitchen armed with a camera to record the event for posterity.