We woke up this morning in the dark, as normal. When it became light enough to peer outside the windows and actually see anything, you could tell that it had snowed. It is raining now, but when dawn came creeping in you could see that a thin blanket of white covered the cars, the lawn, the bushes and the other surfaces. The first snow always looks weird when it is just a dusting, like this was, with leaves and twigs and signs of autumn still fighting to break through. Winter felt the need to stretch, waking up from its summer slumber and let us know that she’s out there and she’ll be visiting soon.

This morning’s snow was just a preview or a warning – depending on your point of view. It was definitely an elevation event as predicted, since the bottom of our hill showed barely a trace and I am sure that down in town, the world didn’t even know that snow had snuck in while we slept.