What are you doing at midnight? If you live in the Boston area, you might be taking a college course. Boston’s Bunker Hill Community College is reportedly the first college in the nation to offer general education courses that run from 11:45 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. At first glance this might seem just plain wacky. There are evidently enough people out there interested in these classes to almost fill them, according to an article located at www.boston.com. I guess that in the world of college kids, they might be up at that hour anyway, so why not grab some additional credits? The class makes sense for people who might work odd shifts or young parents, who might need to juggle parental schedules and job schedules to fit in a class here or there toward a degree. In any event, the college offered the late-night class to supplement its regular class schedule and in response to the overwhelming demand for classes and uptake in registration. Some students interviewed said that they would prefer the late night classes to early morning classes. Colleges may become the next 24-hour operations offering classes round the clock if demand fits supply. Early risers might prefer a 5 a.m. class which may offer regular office hour working folk an option to night classes. It will definitely increase the desire for caffeine in the Bunker Hill Community College area, at the very least, I am sure.