Today was a whirlwind. It flew by but I am happy to say that we got quite a bit accomplished. The boys are off to the bus stop at 7:08 so we were out of the house by 7:30 to run some errands before work. We got the trailer inspected (you have to inspect trailers up here unlike NJ where they are evidently just happy enough to get your registration money – however if someone told them that they could get more money for inspecting the trailers, I am sure that they will take that on as well), picked up lumber for the porch and piping for the drains next door. We had the house sprayed for cluster flies since the nasty, annoying insects are making their way into our house again, as the temperatures outside are dropping. We had this done last year and I must say that it was well worth it. No flies for well over one year! So much less annoying than trying to play octopus and swatting at flies with one hand while cooking and covering things.

We had an evening soccer game and dinner out which was a nice treat. MRU 7th grade won their game against Otter Valley 5-0 so the boys were happy that they did so well for their first game of the season. Celebrated with dinner out. Nice treat.