Yesterday, we headed out for breakfast which was a treat. Afterwards on our way back home, we did what Tom and I enjoy doing, heading off in a direction that we haven’t taken before and finding something new and interesting. We headed home a different route. At the end of the road we took there was a turn for the CCC Road (Civil Conservation Corp). Tom remembered that he had snowmobiled that way and we headed into the park to investigate. We found what he suspected was the trail for the Stone Shelter or Stone House as the trail is marked. This is the original ranger’s house built by the Civil Conservation Corps for the ranger that was posted in the Coolidge State Park.  I believe the shelter is still is used by hikers, snowmobilers and cross country skiers as a rest stop along their journey. Anxious to see the shelter and explore, we parked the truck and headed off. Everyone set off on the short trail to the top where the stone house is located. It was a beautiful day and a fun family outing.


Tyler is showing us the sign which calls it StoneHouse, it is commonly also known as the stone shelter, but if you google that,  you’ll find quite a few in Vermont.



TJ bet me I couldn’t catch him popping up and down in the window. He is wrong. Moms are quick.


The boys investigated inside. Tom tells me that during the winter, the windows are covered with plastic and a fire is usually going as a warming spot for snowmobilers and skiers.


There is a beautiful big fireplace built into the wall.


There were also some really cool spiderwebs. This is one that the lighting permitted us to capture on film. Tim, of course, did not think that all these spider webs with their big wolf spiders were all that much fun.


Overall, it was a cool side trip and definitely somewhere that I would go back to visit perhaps with a picnic lunch. After we left there, we headed out to Belmont to the Pie and Ice Cream Social at the library for some pie….TJ’s favorite dessert.