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Photo - Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Photo - Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Evidently a missing 11-year-old girl that was abducted on her way to school in 1991 walked into a California police station and identified herself. The pair, a man and his wife, who supposedly held her all these years were arrested. The now grown woman is being reunited with her family. There will be a news conference later today which will supposedly provide more information. My question would be, why would a 29-year-old woman, suddenly appear in a police station maintaining that she is the kidnapped girl. Why now? What was the chain of events that suddenly caused her to want to turn in her kidnappers and be reunited with her family? Was there a reason or was the woman being held under some type of restraint and this was her chance to break free and seek help? While it is truly amazing and probably surreal for her parents who grieved, I am sure, for the loss of their daughter. Their waking and sleeping hours for a long time after the child’s abduction must have been ruled with all of the horrible things that might have happened. I truly cannot imagine what that phone call and the conversation afterward must have been like.

I will be interested to see when the story unfolds further, what happened during those 18 years and what led to this woman coming forward at this point in time.



The air was downright chilly here this morning. I did in fact see people sporting coats, jackets and sweaters. Fall is in the air and I keep looking for the first signs of leaves changing. It seems that as abruptly as summer finally arrived, it is also leaving Vermont. I don’t mind since autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. School seems like a success since everyone returned yesterday in happy moods with smiles, eager to chatter on about their new teachers, classes, and the like.

I am still in the process of reassembling everything in the house after vacation preceded by weeks of various different camps and activities. Maybe things will be all in their place soon.

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