The boys scoffed at us last night when we told them that we had heard on the television that the town of Wells had recommended that no one swim in the ocean due to the severe weather. “How much worse could it be?” was the resounding cry of boys who had enjoyed themselves so much that day in the ocean with the crazy waves. By about 2 p.m. the lifeguards were pulling everyone out of the water – rain was coming and so were the more severe waves when high tide was to hit.

This evening, we learned that a little girl from New York state died when she and I presume her family were merely sightseeing the “awesome” waves that were hitting the Maine coastline this afternoon from the storm. The waves took 5 sightseers right off the rocks and into the water, prompting a Coast Guard rescue. Unfortunately, while 4 people were rescued the 5th, a little girl, did not survive and could not be resuscitated. The tragedy reminds us that we must respect the ocean and its power. Mother Nature should not be messed with by anyone. And it is another reminder to us and the boys, that sometimes, we adults really do know best.

Here is a video of one of the rescues that the Coast Guard undertook not that much further away from where we are now staying.