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There is a film, Crude,  premiering this fall which tells the legal battle surrounding the claims of an Ecuadorian tribal community of approximately 30,000 people that have alleged that Big Oil contaminated their land, destroyed the environment and have caused these people to suffer numerous cancers, illnesses and disease. Big Oil has refuted the allegations with contentions that the miseries of the people stem from their lack of sanitation. The legal battle has lasted six years in the Ecuadorian and is still underway. The plaintiffs’ attorney has commented that merely reaching the stage of trial is a huge victory. The matter was originally filed in the United States District Court in New York. It was determined that the matter should proceed in court in Ecuador and the matter was re-filed in court in Ecuador. It is anticipated that a verdict in the matter could come forth by the end of this year.

Sting’s wife appears in the film as well since she is a noted activist. Sensationalism or documentary? You decide.

Thanks to for the heads-up on this film.


Our oldest left yesterday for a week in Rhode Island with his friend’s family. It’s nice to know that you have kids that are well behaved enough to be invited away with other people’s families – it’s a nice compliment to your raising your children. It’s a bummer that it is always the “kids” that get invited away…..and not the mom. Moms deserve love too you know.

Tom left this morning for a business trip for the week to Seattle, WA and he is going to have the good fortune to meet up with some old friends from NJ who now live in Arizona. Maria is a helicopter pilot and is out in Washington state finishing up her summer job of cherry drying, which is pretty neat. Her husband will be flying into Seattle to meet up with her and Tom is lucky enough to see both of them at once and to do it in a state that is not bursting into flames from the heat. (At least that is what Maria has alluded to about Arizona at this time of the year- I wouldn’t know – again Moms don’t go places)

Maria has a very cool website called An Eclectic Mind which also has links to her other websites. They are supposed to be coming east this fall and it will be nice to catch up in person.

So, the Toms are both outta here this week, leaving the remaining T’s, (none of whom are Toms) to man the home front. Lots to do this week. I hope to be productive, but, you never know.

Evilwife on the move

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