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Courtesy of Erik Jacobs/New York Times from

Courtesy of Erik Jacobs/New York Times from

This house is located on Narrangansett Bay in Rhode Island. It is called Clingstone or The House on the Rock  and has 23 rooms, 10 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. It has 360 degree view of the Bay and is 10,000 square feet. It sits on a rock in the middle of the bay. The owner, an architect Henry Woods is renowned for mooning passing ships if he feels like it. He restored the house when he bought it for $3,600 in 1961. Check out the video and story on and the photographs here. Solves my husband’s issue of sand from the beach. Especially check out the picture in the gallery of the house with the QE2 in the background. Pretty great photography.


Today was in some ways comical. It is hard to imagine that we could fit any more in even if we wanted. We have a contractor here doing work and a company came in to move our barn building (we are putting a lean-to on the side of it and it needed to be raised up) and chicken coop (while they were there anyway – move it to a place that the chickens don’t require snorkels to maneuver through with all this rain we have been getting). That required moving the chicken fence and the chickens (who were less than pleased that they were de-cooped for the better part of the day). It was however quite comical to watch 4 chickens try to sit on top of the same metal feeder in order to nest and lay eggs. It was also quite funny when they were let back into the coop – everyone, even the one rooster Chickenzilla (as we affectionately call him) made a beeline for the coop. What was his hurry? I have no idea – a safe haven to decompress from all that stress I guess. After it was all said and done, it required moving it all back and putting everything back into the coop and re-aligning the fence and making sure it was all re-connected electrically since last evening we watched a coyote meander through the field next door.

In the middle of all of that chaos, the plumber didn’t come and the cleaning lady did (which I wasn’t expecting since I had my dates all off) and Tom was to be at the airport for a business trip and departing in the afternoon.

Then, I had to do dinner, we were asked last minute to babysit the neighbor’s son and a LONG committee meeting to get all the merit badges and other issues from scout camp and the boys’ canoe trip underway.

Tomorrow is another early day with soccer camp and prying Tyler out of bed to get there.

I hate leaving day – the day that Tom leaves for a trip. It is just so dismal. He doesn’t really want to leave and not one of us really wants him to go. Everyone moves a lot slower, quieter, hoping for a few more minutes, thinking that maybe if we move slower, the clock will somehow slow down as well and those last few hours or minutes will stretch out into more time. It never works, time marches on as it must and he eventually wrangles free of us to depart.

Evilwife on the move

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