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Today is Sister’s Day. I’m lucky – I have one of those. It’s one of the people in this world that knows me inside out and upside down. She knows what scares me (because she used to be really good at scaring me) and what makes me happy. We are two very different people who share a very strong, unbreakable and unspoken bond. She is smart, funny and outgoing. She can make me or anyone laugh and is very often the highlight of the party. I envy her for that – I dread crowds, I hate small talk. I don’t have that knack for drawing people out of their shells (since I am in my own) to get them to start talking and find common ground. Some of my most vivid memories growing up are our midnight monopoly games that lasted well into the night and when I came home to find that she had moved me out of “our” room, just because I had “mentioned” that I might like to move into the room in the basement. The girl carried all my furniture down three flights of stairs – now, if that’s not love, then it must be the overwhelming desire to have the room to herself.

We have listened to each other laugh and cry. We do our best to keep in touch despite the fact that we are in different states – about 3 1/2 hours apart – and each have three boys who do their best to keep us busy.

The picture is my sister with her oldest son at prom. I am lucky in that I have a real sister and I have some really good friends that are sisterly. There is a special bond between sisters. We have evolved through the years to have a good, comfortable relationship where we are there for each other. Since I don’t have daughters, I don’t have anyone to do those girl-y things with that mothers do with daughters as they get older so I look forward to visits from my sister for that girl-to-girl time. And I know that she won’t be moving my furniture around any time soon.

Happy Sister’s Day to all you sisters out there!


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