We picked up the boys last evening. Everyone was so tan! They looked like they had spent the week in the islands, but I guess being on the water for 8-10 hours a day for 5 days will do that to you. Everyone was happy, talking over each other, trying to fill us on in all the different aspects of the trip. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and it appeared that the whitewater rafting trip that was a bit of an after-thought, was a big hit!

It was nice to hear voices and laughter in the house again. It truly is a big empty house when the boys are away. Everyone was up and out this morning to get new books to take with them for scout camp which starts tomorrow. Today is a busy day, unpacking, laundry and getting things ready for tomorrow. Of course, there’s a lot of just hanging around too – the boys have an appreciation for the comfort of their beds after this past week.