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Sounds like something out of a romance novel, doesn’t it? In fact, its a bit of a medical miracle. There was an infant in England in 1994 who was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, an inflammation which prevented her heart from functioning properly. She underwent a heart transplant but instead of removing her own heart, the doctors piggybacked the transplant heart with her own at the age of 2. This permitted the donor heart to do the work and give the girl’s heart a rest. Well, rest it did for ten years. The girl, now a teenager, began to experience symptoms of donor rejection. It became imperative that the donor heart be removed – a never before performed procedure. The donor heart was removed and something truly amazing happened, the teenager’s heart started working just fine on its own. No medication, no hospitalizations, the girl is perfectly fine, just like another other 16 year old teenager.

The story is quite amazing and can be found at CNN Health.


Tonight was “shakedown”. The boys had to have their packed dry bags and bring them with them to their meeting. Everyone emptied their bags right there on the lawn on the scout house (which is on the corner of a pretty major (in Vermont terms) intersection. What a sight to see, 5 boys and two grown men waving boxers, socks, shirts, pants, bathing suits, etc up in the air for the world to see. They went through the whole list that way….one item group at a time to make sure that everyone had everything. And then they packed it all back up again.

There are few things that we have a to re-sort like TJ’s need to bring 7 pairs of boxers for a 5 night trip but no socks and Tim thinking he only needs a bathing suit and no other shorts. Overall, pretty proud of the boys since they packed themselves and between the three of them, had everything on the list that they were supposed to have. I especially liked when TJ didn’t have something (like a pocket knife) and said that his brothers could cut the food (pepperoni) and he would just be the eater. Gotta love brothers.

So today makes it T minus 3 days and counting…………….

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