This weekend so far as been on again, off again…rain that is. As I type this, the rain is tapping at the metal roof again. It was a couple hours of no rain while we did fireworks. Prior to that, more rain and then earlier this afternoon, the temperatures dropped. So this evening, we sat to watch fireworks more bundled like we were going skiing than celebrating July 4th. This afternoon it turned downright cold and tonight is supposed to dip down to 40….BRRR. There was talk around the T’s house about actually starting a fire in the woodstove …. and that came from Tom, who is not known for feeling the cold., so you know it must have been pretty darn cool around here.

We were thinking of heading over to Plymouth tomorrow but, we’ll have to see how the daytime temperatures appear. Don’t think anyone is going to feel like jumping into a lake in this weather.

Welcome to July 4th in Vermont!