Northshire Bookstore is a pretty awesome book store located in Manchester, VT. It is everything that the major booksellers have going for them, with quaint Vermont charm. Now, it also has something that nobody else does – Lurch. Lurch is the nickname that the Northshire employees have given the Espresso Book Machine, which is a piece of equipment new to the store that gives the reader the opportunity to download thousands of books which are no longer in print and even can print your own book from your usb drive. The concept is pretty cool and brings the world of internet books and out of print books that can only be found by crawling through attics or scrounging at garage sales or sifting through on-line booksellers right to our doorstep, almost quite literally. There is a very interesting article about it in the Boston Globe together with a very cool video of exactly how this machine works. Check it out!