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I am a believer that things happen for a reason. There is a purpose to things. Call it fate, karma, coincidence.

Last week I was honored to be asked if I would consider being on the town’s historical society board. Today, I read this article in the newspaper about the concern over the lack of preservation of Vermont’s historical documents and relics. There is a need for access by grass roots country towns and historical societies to access federal and other grants which can provide them with the financial means to properly protect important historical information and documents from deterioration from the weather, in addition to theft because they are often maintained in less than ideal situations.

To help, a national coalition of institutions is trying to develop a local grant program.

“Federal funds need to be getting down to the grass roots to address questions of collections care,” says David Donath, president of Vermont’s Woodstock Foundation and chairman of the American Association for State and Local History.

Although Vermont historical societies welcome money, they’re also calling for grant-writing assistance, as almost 90 percent surveyed are run by volunteers.

“As funders continue to increase their requirements, request more information on their applications and only provide for online filing,” the study says, “Vermont’s many volunteer or part-time staffed institutions find the process frustrating, overwhelming, and exclusionary.”

In the meantime, the report suggests institutions draft a simple emergency plan, noting more than two-thirds don’t have one and consider it their greatest need.

“Most Vermont institutions have a good sense of what they need in order to take care of their collections, but lack the staff, money and expertise to do so,” the study says. “Finding the most popular and affordable type of educational assistance for institutions will be key to collections care in Vermont.”

-Times Argus

There appears to be frustration in the public’s volunteer ability to have the time and experience to access some of the funding out there that might be available to fix the storage and preservation problems. This opportunity which I have been offered might prove not only informative, and educational, but also interesting. I think, that my answer to the question, must be “yes”.


We just got back from dropping TJ off at camp. He is attending his weeklong programming course camp at Smith College. Seems like a really nice place and he is staying in a dorm that it a converted old house. He seemed like he settled in really well and was pretty excited to be there. I hope that he has a good week, but it was hard to see him off. I guess that this is a preview of what we will have to look forward to in another 4 years when he is going off to college for real. Anxious to see what he is up to during the week, how he likes the programming course and how much he learns.

Today officially starts the camp season at the T’s. Today, our oldest, TJ is off to Smith College for a weeklong computer programming camp with his friend. The two boys attended a similar program as a day camp last year, but this year is sleep-away. The camp is put together by IDTech Camps. They do these type of technology related camps throughout universities across the whole country. I have to say that they do a pretty darn good job, since they take everything into account and the kids have a fantastic time.

Tim is supposed to be working at a peer counselor at a camp for autistic children here in town in another week and then all three boys are off to northern Maine. They are doing a 50 mile canoe trip with their boy scout troop which sounds like it is going to be the adventure of a lifetime. After that, they are off to Scout camp for a week. Then, well, everyone gets to relax until school starts again, which doesn’t seem that very far away now.

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