I grew up with Italian grandparents. Superstition and folklore are ingrained in my very being. I can list them here at length but I won’t bore you with that, although it might be a topic for a future post.  Come into my house and throw a pair of shoes on the table and my skin crawls. Anyway, I grew up with the saying that bad things come in three’s. Deaths, misfortune, all that is bad and horrific, always comes in three’s. So when I heard the news that both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson passed away, the first question out of my mouth was “who’s next?” I was assured by my husband (who knows me and loves me anyway) that there were three alreay since Ed McMahon had also passed away. Ahhhh…not that I was happy to hear that but somehow the dread that comes from waiting for the other shoe to drop could be lifted from my shoulders. Weird isn’t it how we are so unaware of all the things that completely shape who we are. I wonder through the years, exactly what weird things I have unintentionally bestowed upon my own children? I don’t see them avoiding black cats, or ladders or throwing salt over their shoulders, so…. maybe I am safe.

In any event, this week the world of entertainment has lost some very iconic individuals. Their loss will be felt for months to come. My condolences go out to the families of these people, may they find some comfort in knowing how much the world will miss their loved ones.