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Tim's Achievement Pins

Tim's Achievement Pins

Tonight Tim graduated 6th grade. While it is not a formal graduation, it is called a “moving up” ceremony. Tim looked a little nervous but all his hard work and effort during the year paid off. He received a slew of awards and certificates of participation and we are really proud of him. He was awarded the Faculty’s Citizenship Award for displaying exemplary citizenship throughout the entire school as well as awards for Achievement in Art, Social Studies, Science and participation in Reader’s Club, Chorus, Flag team and Odyssey of the Mind. He and his friends did a lot of standing to be recognized for their achievements and congratulations go out to all for a job well done. I have attached photos and videos of the ceremony for those that could not be there especially Tom who was flying while the ceremony was going on.

For those that don’t understand or remember exactly how exhausting 6th grade is, here is a priceless photo of graduation boy about an hour before the ceremony began.

Tim resting for the big night

Tim resting for the big night

The videos are snippets of the various awards and parts of the ceremony, but all seem to begin with this nice lady’s head who was sitting in front of me. (Rest assured they are all different parts of the same ceremony)

When we moved to Vermont, it became apparent that practically everyone composts. Not because it’s cool, or it’s hip or it’s the “in” thing to do – but rather because it’s the right thing to do. Everyone has green all around them and it just doesn’t seem right not to compost. Here, one takes out the garbage, the recycling and dumps the compost.

In San Francisco however, they will be living by a different rule when it comes to composting. The rule of law. By a vote of 9-2 San Francisco passed the strictest law in the country concerning composting. Basically, do it or be fined. Household compost violators can be fined up to $100 and business compost violators can be fined up to $500 per episode. Everyone will get a new bin to put their compost in for pickup, just like their recycling bin.

The city of San Francisco is hoping to eliminate all compost waste by 2020 in its landfills. The link to the article can be found here.

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