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Something is different since I got back from Iowa. I just know that I have a better appreciation for home, my boys and my hubby. I feel very grateful for how lucky we are to live where we do and feel somehow a bit more refreshed, revived — different. I guess that getting away from ordinary things gives one a new perspective and even though I spent my week with a bunch of kids including one of my own, a respite from the ordinary – a vacation of sorts (although I prefer my bed on the ground, meals served to me and no laundry involved). Maybe it was the mental break – a different set of tasks – a bit of brain stretching of sorts – especially since I had to really concentrate to not get lost on the campus. In any event, I think it was good for me and made me a bit better for having done it. As much as I love being a mom, sometimes it is nice to not have to be “on duty” and that was kind of the way it was there, many other hands and many other tasks for my child and the others that were there. I could put up the “mom’s out” sign without any guilt.


So sick and tired of buying containers of Arizona Iced Tea (which by the way are NOT recyclable here PETE 5 so it’s a gigantic pain in the butt) experimented with our own iced tea. While I was in Iowa, I drank a lot of unsweetened iced tea, which was really good and decided to make some at home. I know that the boys prefer sweetened. I made two batches, one English breakfast sweetened with our homegrown honey and lemon and one Earl Grey unsweetened. Both were good, and the boys even delved into the batch for me (so go figure). This afternoon, Tyler announced that my iced tea “was pretty good”. Curious, since their great grandmother was known for her homemade iced tea, which they grew up with for many years, I asked him how my tea compared with Nanny’s. He drew me a chart, with Nanny’s on the top, undrinkable tea on the bottom. I am pleased to say that I rank right below Obby, which is about 2/3 up the “Tyler Tea Scale”. He told me that with “some practice” I might be able to be as good as Obby. Her tea is better, he said, because she’s been doing it for LONG time. (His emphasis Obby, not mine). His advice was I better make more and “practice”. He also wanted to know if maybe I could get Nanny’s recipe book for iced tea — Ah, if only there was such a thing! I often have wished for the same for some of my grandmothers’ and grandfather’s recipes!

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