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We have an octagon flower bed in the backyard that is home to my herbs, mint, basil, dill, rosemary, coriander, parsley with a sprinkling of flowers. The night before I left for Iowa, we went around for about an hour covering the flower boxes, window boxes and planters since we were forecast to get a frost. Frost? Mind you, the rest of the country is enjoying temperatures that barely dip into the 50s at night and we were expecting 20s and a hard frost. The week I was gone it rained mostly Tom said and the night we returned, almost a week later, we were expecting another frost with temperatures in the 30s. The poor octagon flower bed has not weathered these temperature changes well. I am on the second set of begonias and the second set of basil plants. The flowers that I planted in there, well suffice to say, are pretty ratty looking. Everything got frost damage but at least this time around, it survived. I sure hope that we don’t have any more frost (I mean it is June) but you never know. The seedlings and hanging baskets are still residing in the coldframe just in case.


DSCN4427Our oldest has been fascinated by origami on and off, since he was very young. The other day, he proudly announced that he found a “very cool” origami swan that he was going to make. I agreed, when he showed me the picture that it was neat. Later, I found him cutting paper sheets. For two days, he has been working on the swan, and while not fully completed (he still needs to make the base), he proudly brought it down for display this evening before dinner. I must say that I was quite shocked that 1) he had the patience to finish it; and 2) it really turned out awesome.

Now, he wants us to buy him a ream of paper so he can make one that will stand about 2-3 feet tall. Well… is better than a fascination with video games. I told him that maybe he could make the big one as a birthday present for his cousin’s first birthday.

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As a parent, you want to help your kids and keep them from getting hurt or doing badly. Learn from your mistakes, whatever you want to call it. However, there are just those times that it is absolutely necessary to let them learn the lesson on their own. Our middle son, Tyler had a social studies project that required him to make a plaque of a famous person from a specific country. Among the list was the specific directions that stars should be around the edge of the portrait frame but they could be in the colors of the country you have chosen, as opposed to the red, white and blue with stars that was in the example. I insist that there should be stars, Tyler insists that I am wrong and since there are no stars in the country’s flag, he doesn’t need to include them on his project. I relented since once Tyler makes up his mind, there is no changing it. I asked him to ask the teacher to settle our dispute. I guess that I will find out this afternoon, but I am pretty sure that I am the one who’s correct. I say stars……

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