A week from tomorrow we leave for Worlds. And while Tim is excited, I have so much to get accomplished this week it isn’t even funny. The list is something like: Do research on product liability law and draft a summary judgment motion and brief and finish two issues for work. That is in addition to preparing tuna salad for 30 for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon tomorrow and helping set up and serve, putting together a CD of pictures of Tim for the Moving Up Ceremony Power Point presentation that they are putting together, getting the house in order, the laundry done, the packing done and remembering everything that I am supposed to bring for Tim and I for next week and everything that I am supposed to leave set up and together for the hubby and the boys who are staying home. Geez, I need a personal assistant since I have already forgotten the name of the boys’ piano teacher while calling her to tell her that we didn’t forget our lesson and were on our way and forgot totally about a pampered chef party I was supposed to attend at a friend’s house yesterday afternoon. Either too much to get accomplished or early onset of Alzheimer’s.

On another note, around the T’s house, we have a little joke going on with Tyler. Thankfully as TJ gets more teenager-y, Tyler is getting more and more affectionate and just happy to socialize with us (which is quite the opposite of son #1 – who would prefer that we cease to exist completely – unless of course, it involves driving him somewhere). Today, Ty was IM’ing me and keeps messing up on the “v” while typing – so luv you keeps coming out lub you. Tom and I were happy to play along and before you know it – we all lub each other and were laughing. Tonight on his way up to bed, he couldn’t resist – and I got another “Goodnight Mom – lub you”.  Geez, what more could a Mom ask for — all the Lub in the world.  🙂